Top 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Bhopal (2020)

places to visit in bhopal


Bhopal one of the best places for spending vacations with your family and friends. Bhopal is a city which is famous for his Bhopali Andaaz which represent the city culture and tradition. Bhopal city always keeps the attraction of tourists for stories of Raja Bhoj who established the city. And many more historical things that you will know when you visit Bhopal. And the most amazing things in Bhopal are Awesome Weather, Charming Lakes, Delicious Food, Beautiful Forest, and Night Life.

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Upper Lake

Upper Lake or Bhojtal is the earliest manmade lake in India, stated to have been built by the Parmar Raja Bhoj while his tenure as King of Malwa (1005–1055). It’s legendary that the waters of this lake healed the skin disease of the ailing king. Today, the Upper Lake toils as the major source of potable water for the citizens of Bhopal. The lake also is a center for fun water sports and different lakeside activities in Bhopal, such as sailing, paddle boating, and exhilarating motorboat rides. The attraction of this lake is only magnified by the enchantments of the nearby Kamla Park.

Van Vihar National Park


The Van Vihar National Park sprawls across an area of 445 hectares and is one of the most famous places in Bhopal for sightseeing. The National Park can be spotted just adjacent to the Upper Lake and is a haven for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. While enjoying your time here, you will get the vibe that this place is a perfect mélange of a Zoo and a National Park. One can spot a lot of wild animals in the park starting from panthers, lions, leopards, bears, chital, sambars, and gharials. If you are looking for options in things to do in Bhopal, just take a safari here.



It is one of the largest mosques in the city and is famous for its fabulous architectural design. This mosque is especially for Muslims. It is the best place to explore and to know something about religion. You must visit this famous place with your family and friends.

Bhojpur Temple


One of the most famous temples in Bhopal is also known as Bhojeshwar Temple. It Is placed top of the mountain and built by Raja Bhoj. In Bhojpur Temple there is a Shivling inside which is
the world’s largest Shivling made in a single stone. So, It is the most religious place for Hindu Devotee. At festivals like Mahashivratri and Sankranti, many people from different places come here to attend the fair and the festival.

Lower Lake


Lower Lake, located amidst sumptuous hills and the extensive Upper Lake, is a magnificent relic of the great Mughal Empire. Hemmed by the Kamala garden, this lake has been hugely influenced by human towns from all sides. Usually known as the Chota Talab, this Lower Lake is segregated from the Upper Lake by an over-bridge. So, you also must see the superiority of Lower Lake when visiting Bhopal.

Bittan Market


This place is famous for shopping as well as for Delicious Food. Here you can find several branded retail stores from where you can buy accessories, shoes, bags, clothes, and many more. It is the perfect destination for shopping lovers. Thus, whenever you travel to Bhopal and want to do a shop then go to the Bittan market.

Sanchi Stupa


Sanchi Stupa is a very popular Buddhist monument in the country. It was built during the rule of King Ashoka during the Maurya rule in India. It is a gigantic dome where the relics of Lord Buddha has been kept. There is a central vault for the mortal remains of Lord Buddha.

Halali Dam


Halali Dam is a popular weekend spot. Whether you want to have a picnic here or simply want to go boating in the reservoir, the place promises to be a relaxing experience.
If you are seeming for some calm and peaceful, photographic place, Picturesque beauty, entertainment with friends and family, Halali Dam is a suitable option for you. Overall good Travel Destination.



It was a quaint town which is popular for its peacefulness and serenity. It is surrounded by biodiversity and lush greenery. It is an ideal place for couples and environment lovers as it encircled with a lot of flora and fauna. It was discovered in the year 1857 by Captain James Forsyth. Here tigers are kept in safety to protect them from extinction. For the British Army, it was a sanatorium.

Shaukat Mahal



Shaukat Mahal, one of the structural wonders of Bhopal, is a perfect example of Indo-Islamic and European techniques & patterns. This excellent mansion has a strong Indo-Saracenic and Rococo structural attraction and is an essential part of Bhopal tourism. It is one of the most attractive places to visit in Bhopal.

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