Best places for summer vacation in 2020


It’s summertime again, and for some of us, that means traveling on a family vacation. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading overseas for an exotic trip, or just sticking with local day-trips, you should always make sure to get prepared before you leave. Once you decide where you want to take the family on vacation, make sure to bring the right kind of gear. Here are some of the best places for summer vacation from international travel expert

1. Ocean City.

ocean city

East Coast’s most popular resort city, Ocean City, is a most frequented holiday destination. Based on the State of Maryland, the city is most populated with tourists during the summer. The beach is the primary attraction in Ocean City. Assateague Island is a favorite with the children for it is home to wild ponies! With its top-class restaurants and active nightlife, Ocean City is a favorite with the adults as well.

With its beautiful beaches, amusement parks, museums, golf clubs, and shopping centers, it’s the best place for a family summer vacation.

2. Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana-Slovenia’s pretty capital is geared to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of its making with a lot of gusto. Ave, Emona’ is the main event that will surely send you back in history to the Roman era. While at Kongresni trg (Congress Square), you will get a first-hand feel of gladiator battles, craft demonstrations, military parades, and Roman dancing; you can indulge your senses in locally prepared food and drinks at the marketplace.

If you desire to delve deeper into Roman history, then do take a guided walk through the city’s three archaeological parks, Ljubljana Castle, the National Museum of Slovenia, City Museum and other intriguing areas within its walls.

3. Gatlinburg.

gatlin berg

Tennessee has a plethora of activities for families to enjoy. Gatlinburg has long been a favorite place for families of all cultures. Many activities such as driving and hiking through the Smokey Mountains, visiting Dolly Wood, or doing some retail therapy. Dolly Parton has been a significant contributor to the southern state and makes herself available several times throughout the year. Gatlinburg also offers several options when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Vacationers will not find themselves disappointed in this beautiful vacation spot for the summer.

4. Mackinac, Island.


Have you ever wondered what living on an island without any cars would be like? Mackinac, Island is just the place for your family this summer. A beautiful view of the great lakes comes into focus as you get close to Mackinac City, Michigan. The whole family can ride a ferry to the Island to enjoy fudge, ride horses, and ride a tandem bicycle around the Island. The history of this island will also prove to be educational for your family as well as FUN!

5. Disney World.

disney world

Do you get tired of watching your favorite Disney characters in movies? Then hop on down to Florida for an amazing Disney World vacation! Disney World has been a hot spot for family leisure and fun since its opening in 1971. This fantastic land full of all of our favorite characters is sure not to disappoint anyone this summer! Relax and enjoy the rides, the fun, and the food! There are also TONS of family-friendly priced packages to make this vacation a reality.

6. Singapore


Singapore is at its best during summer and provides perfect opportunities to get a well-rounded experience of the city-state’s exquisite cultural heritage. The festive ambiance coincides with the end of Ramadan and leads up to Singapore’s National Day. This public holiday is all about air force fly-bys, extravagant civilian processions, a flurry of military parades and fireworks displays. If you fail to get to the parade in time, head towards the Marina Barrage for some great views of the pyrotechnics and troopers across the bay.

The other festivals in the offing in this period are the month-long Hungry Ghost Day and the Singapore International Festival of Arts.

7. Costa de la Luz, Spain.

As the Spanish cities are way too hot for the locals in late summers, they prefer to decamp to the coast. You may like to join the Sevillanos on Costa de la Luz, the virtually undeveloped coastline which curves around the scenic southern precincts of Andalucia. Have three-hour lunches in quaint chiringuitos (beach bars), savor the delights of local seafood served straight from the sea during evenings, kite surf on miles of sprawling beaches or simply hit the waters at Tarifa for some mind-blowing windsurfing experiences. The hilltop hamlet of Vejer de la Frontera, as well as the small township of Zahara de Los Atunes, helps you unwind the right way-just be there!

8. Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya.

masai mara

Arguably one of the most impressive wildlife spectacles on earth – the Great Migration showcases the mass movement of large herds of animals. They congregate in the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya after trudging a long way from northern Tanzania. The animals that manage to survive the cross-over at the crocodile-infested Talek and Mara rivers keep replenishing their reserves in Savannah’s long grasses and serve as fodder for the ultra-predators like leopards, cheetahs, lion, and hyena. Summer is indeed an incredibly dramatic period to visit the reserve.

9. Sri Lanka.


If money not an obstacle for your family vacation then consider traveling in style to the breath-taking land of Sri Lanka. This is a family-friendly destination that has many resorts to choose from. Even if you are on a budget, many places in Sri Lanka offer splendid all-inclusive packages that are sure not to break the bank. Take your family snorkeling, swimming, or even on a historic sightseeing adventure. Don’t forget your swimsuit!

10. Coastal Maine, USA.


You are never too far away from the sea in Maine, and its sparkling beaches welcome with a promise of classic salt-splattered summer fun. Lively waterfront towns, miles of sands, inspiring lobster shacks and the many lighthouses dotting its shores make Maine a dream holiday destination for one and all. The much-awaited events in Maine include the Maine Lobster Festival–which is to be held in Rockland and is all set to see 20,000 lbs. of the region’s famous red crustacean being served to bib-wearing festival-mongers. Beyond the beach lines, Portland offers upscale restaurants and hip galleries to rival Boston. If you happen to be an avid nature lover, then don’t forget to take a whale watching trip from Bar Harbor, before heading for the glories of the famous Acadia National Park.

11. Las Vegas, Nevada.

los vegas

Last but surely not least on our list is Las Vegas, Nevada. While this place is known for its wild side, it also encompasses a kid-friendly side. The city is full of resorts and family-friendly activities. It is also home of  “Circus Circus” which is sure to leave your family breathless. Casinos, beaches, resorts, and many other activities await you this summer in Las Vegas!


” You can do these amazing things when you will visit these places. It will make your trip memorable and please share your experience and  about which place you want to know in the next blog tell me by your Comments.”


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