About Me

                        Hi, I am Vipin Chaudhary!


Founder of Travel With Vipin
Vipin Chaudhary

I am a Travel blogger, vlogger, Brand Influencer, Digital marketer and Freelancer. Through this, I explore the place for the convenience of visitors and Try to make their Trip more enjoyable.

In my blog, Instagram and Youtube I share the experience of my trip of the best places and give the Realistic destination Guides and Travel tips and also fitness tips that help to focus on fitness during travelling.

I am also a Digital marketer and provide freelancing  & Consultancy Services.

What’s My story?

I love travelling. I start it from a very young age but my first travel was with my friends. When I passed out 10th standard at the age of 15. and the destination was Nainital, Uttrakhand. 

After first I did many domestic travels. In last year of my Graduation during my digital marketing training, I started the blogging  Because of I didn’t want to do the corporate job. I wanted to Follow my passion then I planned to start sharing the personal experience through the blog and guide other visitors to enjoy the place without wasting time as well as money

Vipin Chaudhary shares their travelling experience on Travel With Vipin

The motive of Travel with Vipin

Through Travel with Vipin, I share my own experience about Places to visit to help the other visitors. Explore the different places and suggest the best places to visit and also make aware of the specialities of Places. I also give travel tips here to being fit during travel. The main motive is to make my reader’s trip comfortable, cheaper and enjoyable. I want to share my Travel experience with my viewers to entertain, Educate and Inspire.



Travel With Vipin

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