7 Most Romantic Places to visit in this monsoon

Monsoon is a big god gift for north Indian who feel too relaxed after suffering from long hot summer. Rainy day means a romantic day. In India, there are lots of romantic places which turn your mood on and their natural vibes make your mind refresh. Today, I am going to tell you the 7 most romantic places to visit in this monsoon. Hope you will also like this.


  1. Munnar (Kerala)


Kerala is famous for many things but especially for their high literacy rate and beautiful nature. Munnar is god gifted hill station of Kerala. It is known as Kashmir of south India and popular as a honeymoon destination.


Things to do.

Sight seen of nature, trekking, experience their beautiful vegetation, a perfect place for a photo shoot, take a view of tea garden


How to reach Munnar

Nearest Railway station:-  Ernakulam south railway station after then you need to take roadway distance is 127 km from the railway station


Nearest Airport:-  Cochin International airport is nearest airport and Munnar is 165 km far from it.


  1. Valley Of Flower ( Uttarakhand)

Valley of Flowers - Travel with Vipin
Valley of Flowers

It is the most romantic and beautiful valley of flowers also known as the garden of God. Here you can see more than 400 varieties of flowers. In rainy season  blossom of flowers create the view of heaven which is an imaginary world of many people


Things To Do

Trekking, see the endangered  animal, take a beautiful view of the glacier and have a wonderful experience of waterfall and valley of flowers


How To Reach valley of flower

There is not any direct train and plan a way to visit. You required a whole week to enjoy this trip from Delhi. Firstly there are many other options but I provide the best option to visit there. First is visit there by an organized trip planner by your own vehicle

The second way to visit valley of flowers is given below step by step

  1. Nainital (Uttarakhand)


things to do in nainital - travelwithvipin
Boating in Nani lake

Nanital is another wonderful place of Nainital which is famous for its lakes and peacefulness. The whole city is established around the lake. It is a perfect place to visit in this monsoon. Here you can experience rain, lake, hills, mountain and natural beauty of nature. It makes the perfect combination of a romantic rainy trip.


Things To Do

Boating, experience the view of beautiful lakes, taste Bal mithai of Nainital,  shop beautiful designed wax candles, trekking, horse riding and also experience the pleasant weather of Nainital

How to reach Nainital


Nearest Railway Station:- You can easily visit their train. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam railway station which is only 34 km far from nainital



  1. Goa

Beach of Goa

Goa is a very fantastic place to visit in rainy reason. There you can enjoy the beach with rain and also experience the unique view of the beach in monsoon. Most people visit there in summer time but in monsoon time its have a uniquely wonderful experience.


Things To Do

Enjoying the beach, water surfing, boating, swimming, photoshoot, and the party of goa is very famous definitely you will love this.

How to reach Goa


Nearest Railway station:- Karmali  Railway station (45 KM)

Nearest Airport:–  Belgaum Airport (99 KM)

  1. Rani Khet (Uttarakhand)


Rani Khet is also known as Queen’s Meadow. It is very beautiful hill station of Almora district Uttrakhand. Here you experience the next level of natural beauty. You can also take the view of many types of orchids (garden of Fruits), jheel and many other mind-blowing things. As all you in the rainy season all hill station become more beautiful rather than other seasons.

Things To Do


Enjoy the beautiful hill station, experience their wildlife, enjoy their jheel, boating, beautiful view many orchids (Fruits garden) and for religious people, many temples are there.


How To Reach Rani Khet


Nearest Railway station:- Kathgodam Railway station (68 Km)

Nearest Airport:–  Pantnagar Airport  (109) Km

  6. Lonavala ( Maharashtra)


Lonavala is beautiful hill station of Pune district in Maharastra. It is very tremendous place and blessings for people who live in Mumbai with a busy schedule. It is the nearest hill station to make their monsoon romantic and reduce their working stress.


Things To Do

Enjoying the green view of Lonavala, visit lion and tiger point, spend time with Lonavala lake and experience caves and many more things are available to do.


How To Reach Lonavala

Nearest Railway Station:- Lonavala Railway station

Nearest Airport:– Chhatrapati Shiva Ji Airport  and Pune International Airport

     7. Shillong (Meghalaya)


Shillong ( Meghalaya)

Shillong is a very amazing hill station of Meghalaya which is also the rainiest state of India. There too much amazing things to explore and enjoy. Shillong is one of the most romantic places and the perfect place to visit in this monsoon. There are lots of many reasons behind this statement which are mentioned in things to do.


Things To Do

Enjoy the view of Elephant Fall, Visit Lady Hydari Park,  experience the wards lake, Visit Shillong  golf course


How To Reach Shillong

 Nearest Railway station:- Guwahati

Nearest Airport:–  Umroi


You can do these amazing things when you will visit these places. It will make your trip memorable and please share your experience and  about which place you want to know in the next blog tell me by your Comments.”


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