4 most romantic places to visit in India

Taj mahal


India harbors a lot of things. Most are quite popular as even people who do not know much about India can even tell you about them. Others are there but are not so popular. Some of the things India offers can actually be of benefits to lovers.

It does not matter if you are just dating, engaged, married and whatnot. If you are looking for the destination of lovebirds then you should consider India.

Just like in its movies, there is so much this country has to offer in terms of love. I mean it when I say that India has more to say about love than in its movies. A number of cities in India can serve as a special getaway for lovers.

Of all these many destinations, here are my four most romantic places in India. If you are coming to India for love, you should make sure one of these four places is where you are going. It is not every day you get to visit places like this.


Life is about symbols. Everything in life has what it represents. There is nothing that is actually meaningless. While everything in life has meaning, some things are more obvious in terms of their relevance and meaning than others.

We all know what the statue of liberty for. Likewise, the city of Agra is known as the epitome of love. This city holds one of the seven wonders of the world. This is the Taj Mahal that was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife.

Taj mahal

Everything about this city reeks of romance and love. This is one place where you will definitely enjoy your romantic getaway with your partner. All you need do is take either regular or Cheap flights to India and lodge into the resorts around.

You will even be blessed with the view of the sun rising over the Taj Mahal. You get the opportunity to treat your partner like royalty and also go back in history as well. Believe me, your partner will not get bored watching the sunset over the Taj Mahal.


It is one thing to treat your partner nicely and romantically and it is a whole new level to treat them like royalty. Making your partner feel loved is one thing, making them feel like kings or queens means taking things a couple of notches higher.

One way to do that is by taking them to places that give off the required effect. The majestic city of Jaipur is popular for leaving people in awe of its awesomeness. The hotels there are like palaces as they are not just given those names.

hawa mahal

You can also camp in the desserts overnight while you gaze at the stars. Most camps are usually done around woods, forest and hilly areas. You and your partner can take advantage of this opportunity to explore this form of camping. You should ensure to bring a blanket and jacket as it can get very cold at night.

With a good tour guide, you and your partner can explore this city while basking in the glittering beauty of its palaces. To make the most of your romantic trip, it is better to visit Jaipur during winter than any other season.


This is one of those places you should endeavor to visit with your partner even if it is just once in a lifetime. This is not someplace you can find by moving from Sydney to Melbourne. This is a place where you can get the all in one type of honeymoon.

andaman beach

               Very few places offer romance on the same menu as adventure. Luckily for you, Andaman happens to be one of those places. This is a city with both sides of beach life. You can decide what you want to do on the beach. You can go snorkeling or diving if you want to.

  So if you and your partner have a thing for adrenaline rush, Andaman has got you covered. So you can come with the kits you require for your adventures as you will definitely make use of it. You can also just decide to suntan, take a walk or just relax on the beach.

Everything is not all about engaging in one activity or the other. This is why this place gives you beaches to just lie down or lazy about. You can even make the most of it by applying sunscreen cream on your partner’s body while you repay the favor.

At the end of the day, you can as well settle down to a candlelit dinner while staring into your lover’s eyes. This city also has a sunset point on the beach where you can go to witness the beauty of the setting sun.


If you hear people calling somewhere “the Scotland of India” just know that they are talking about Coorg. This is a land that is very “green”. People are of the believe that nature itself is in love with this part of India.

This is the best place to enjoy your partner while getting closer to nature. It has everything as regards the natural landscape. From forest to hills and all that is green. You get to enjoy the smell and taste of home.grown tea and coffee.


          You can go hiking in the hills or take a walk through the forests and plantation while walking hand in hand. This is very much a haven for lovers who love nature. You can also visit “The Tamara”. This is the place that puts you right in the heart of the wilderness of nature.

Coorg camping is also another very good way to enjoy your honeymoon as couples. This remains the perfect place to get in touch with nature and get a breath of fresh air. It is also a perfect place to get away from the stress.

” You can visit these amazing places. It will make your trip memorable and please share your experience and  also tell me which place you want to know in the next blog in Comments.”

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