Tungnath – Gift of Nature

Today, I come to explore new beautiful and god gifted destination of Uttrakhand, India. “TUNGNATH” another place of Lord Shiva and gift of nature which amaze you.  This is a perfect place to meet with the beauty of nature and to feel the real peace of soul.



Tungnath is one of the important Place of “Punch Kedar” and World’s Highest Temple of Lord Shiva. It is a complete package of natural wonder and you can experience their snowfall, fresh lake water, mountain, trekking, peace, and worshipping. It is a place of Lord Shiva and a great mythological reason behind it.


So, Let’s look forward to knowing about Tungnath and also about my experience. Now am going to tell about the perfect time to visit, how to visit, why to visit everything?.

Like my last blog of Kedarnath both belong to the same district “ Rudraprayag”. Come with me to know about things or fact which makes Tungnath unique and attractive.


Place to Visit in Tungnath

There are Tremendous  Locations which take you in a different world and blow your mind. After visiting their you will get a new meaning of Nature. Here you can experience the beauty of the river, snow and amazing trek.

  1. Tungnath Temple


It believed that the Tungnath temple is almost 5000 years old and the world ’s highest temple of Lord Shiva. It is one of Panch Kedar and Bahu (Hands) of Lord Shiva appeared here. People come here for worship.


There are Lots of mythological reason behind it. First one is of Pandavas which I also mentioned in Kedarnath blog. It believed that after defeating Ravana  Lord Rama comes here for mediation.

It’s the other reason for tungnath temple.


  1. Chandrashila

It is a beautiful snow-covered trek. It is the best part of tungnath for trekking lover. You will love this place at night because of the light of the moon on snow. It is a top view of Tungnath. It believed that Chandrashila is  Place of Lord of Chandrama.


  1. Chopta

It is the first step of tungnath trek and we can start our trekking from chopta. Here we can see green vegetation and beautiful view. There are varieties of flora & fauna found there not like the valley of flowers. It has its own unique variety of species.

  1. Deoria Tal

It is a fresh lake where you can enjoy with their green vegetation. Most people do champion there. It is a perfect place for champion because all necessary thing you can get there like water, plains, comfortable weather and some tea stoles also.

People also believed that during the time of Pandavas  Devas come here for bathing.


  1. Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary

It is a beautiful sanctuary of deer where you can enjoy. Their vegetation is very attractive and different types of flora and fauna you can find there. It spread around in 5 square km. Here you can experience the beautiful forest. It is a perfect place for animal and nature lover.


Tungnath Temple Opening  & Closing  Date 2019

Temple is open from  April – May month during the festival of Panchami Vaisakhi because of heavy snowfall in winter. Temple closes in the starting of winter after celebrating Diwali around the last of October and starting of November.

Perfect time to visit tungnath is from May to mid-October. In this time you can get relief from hot summer and can enjoy the perfect weather of Tungnath

Distance From Kedarnath to Tungnath

According to Google map distance of tungnath from Kedarnath is 87 Km. Both tremendous locations belong to the same district  Rudraprayag of Uttrakhand.

Distance From Delhi to Tungnath

Tungnath is 468 km far from Delhi. When you use the road to visit tungnath. It is a very enjoyable way to travel according to your time and mood.

How to visit Tungnath

There are 3 ways to visit tungnath by Air, Train, and Road. Railway station and Airport both are far from the destination. For visiting there, the road is the best option.

  • Nearest Railway Station to Tungnath

Haridwar is nearest railway station which is 230 km far from tungnath. After then you need to take a taxi, cab or bus for further journey.

  • Nearest Airport to Tungnath

Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is Nearest airport which is about 224 km far from tungnath and after then you need to use roadways.

It is a Fabulous natural place. You will definitely love this place and Hopefully, you also like this blog and it will be helpful for you. If you wanna ask any question and resolve any query comment your question below.

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