16 Amazing Things To Do In Nainital

things to do in nainital - travelwithvipin
things to do in nainital - travelwithvipin
16 Amazing things to do in Nainital

Nainital is a city of the lake and Today am going to tell you about the best things to do in Nainital.


This whole city is established along the lake and view and peacefulness of this city is tremendous. It is one of these places where you can see snowfall and you can go there for honeymoon. It is one of the best places for couples. Their beauty makes the fan of every visitor.


Literally, I really fond of this city, there peace and environment. So let’s start to know which amazing things you can do there.

  1. Boating in Nani lake.

    things to do in nainital - travelwithvipin
    Boating in Nani lake


Amazing experience to do boating there and can see the city from the boat. When you will do boating you can see lots of fish and duck are in this lake. This lake is full of fishes for keep lake clean and fishing is prohibited there. Never and ever miss taking the experience of Nani lake. Beautiful lake.


  1. Worshipping at Naina Devi

    things to do in nainital - travelwithvipin
    Naina Devi Temple Source euttaranchal.com

    It is a religious place and believed that Naina Devi fulfills your wish which you beg from true heart and soul. It is also near to Naini lake. So visit there and get blessings. These temples have their own importance in Nanital

  1. Never Forget to Enjoy the View of Mango shape lake

It is a part of Nani lake but from this point, its shape looks like Green Mango. Definitely, you will love to watch this view. So whenever you visit there never miss this view.

  1. Get the snow view

You can see the snow peak of Himalayas from Nainital. The beautiful view can be captured there. You can take the feel of the Himalayas from there. It is another amazing viewpoint of Nanital

  1. Visit Tiffin top for horse trekking

    things to do in nainital - Travelwithdelhi
    Tiffin Top

It is a mountain top and in there, local areas tiffin top is also known as suicide point.

Here you can do trekking as well as horse trekking. This place is special for horse trekking. You can try this but little terrible for new riders.

  1. Visit G.B Pant High Altitude Zoo

    things to do in nainital
    G.B Pant High Altitude Zoo Source allseasonsz.com

It is a zoo of Nanital. Here you can take a fabulous experience with family and children. Here you can see mammals and Many Himalayan Birds. In zoo transport facility is also available to see the zoo but people prefer to walk. So you can also visit there definitely you will love this place

  1. Do mechanical bull ride at cave Garden

    things to do in nainital-travel with vipin
    Cave Garden

It is another amazing place of Nainital famous for there multiple caves and their mechanical Bull ride. So try this ride lots of fun there. In this garden, you can see trees, tree Sheds, flower, multiple caves, and bull ride

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  1. For shopping visit mall Road

    things to do in nainital - travelwithvipin
    Mall Road

Mall road is located near the lake. Here you can buy their traditional dress and everything which you required. Fantastic view of this market  settle in slop way

Stepped shops are there.

  1. Visit Sherab For cloth shopping

    things to do in nainital-travel with vipin

Sherab is a clothing market of Nainital. If you want to go shopping you can visit there and take the experience of these markets. It’s a great place to see their clothing style and culture.

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  1. Don’t miss to taste Nainital’s famous sweet Bal Meethai

    things to do in nainital-travel with vipin
    Bal Meethai

Bal Meethai is Nainital’s, famous sweet. It is really very tasty sweet. Whenever you visit there you should defiantly try this famous sweet of Nainital. You can not found this sweet easily in any other state.

  1. Best place for wax and candles

    things to do in nainital-travel with vipin
    Candle Shop

It is another famous thing of Nainital. You can different types of candle which quite amazing. There are candles which are looks like the apple, many other fruits, the clone of many persons, couples etc. It is one of the best things which I like most. You should also visit there candle and wax shops.

  1. Farming and fields of Nainital

    things to do in nainital-travel with vipin
    Step Farming

It is a fabulous place to see step farming. It is a hilly area so most women make kitchen garden for vegetables and the amazing thing is you can see there the tree of palm and citrus. Beautiful view of there farming. When you will visit there. You should definitely visit there to see the beauty of their fields

  1. See the Beautiful View of Sariyatal

    things to do in nainital-travel with vipin

Sariyatal is also known as khurpa or khuta lake because of their shape. It looks tremendous. So never forget to Visit there. It is one of the most amazing viewpoints of Nanital

  1. Get the experience of the Aerial ropeway

    things to do in nainital-travel with vipin
    Aerial Ropeway

Visit cable car station in Nainital and get the experience of the aerial ropeway. It can be a very amazing experience. Try this to take the upper view of Nainital from the cable car

And it is safe no need to afraid anyone can get the experience of this.

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  1. Visit Jama Masjid of Nainital

    things to do in nainital-travel with vipin
    Jama Masjid Of Nainital

It is a Jama Masjid of Nanital. You can also visit there to see their beautiful architecture and for prey. This mosque is in front of the lake and beautiful view with the beautiful atmosphere

  1. Prey at Pashan Devi temple

    things to do in nainital-travel with vipin
    Pashan Devi            Source www.flickr.com

It is an ancient Hindu temple, thousands of people visit there for praying here. So you can visit there you will definitely love this place at night time looks tremendous because of their lighting decorations and a peaceful environment.


Most amazing few facts of Nainital which I like most

  • Drinking and smoking in Public Place are prohibited there. You can drink and smoke only at home and in hotels. If you do this thinks then they charge fines. So before visiting there, you should keep in mind this thing.

  • Throwing wastes and spitting in Public Place is also prohibited there.

  • Doing fishing in Naini lake is also prohibited Because fishes clean the lake.


 ” You can do these amazing things when you will visit Nainital. It will make your trip memorable and please share your experience and  about which place you want to know in the next blog tell me by your Comments.”


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